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  • Custom Plan Package

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    As many of our valued customers will attest, a home maintenance plan offers assurance and a degree of financial predictability around repairs to your property.
    Pay for services as you use them
    Services at a reduced rate
    Doesn't include multiple coverages for each service
    Costs apply at the time of use
    Just: $19.99/month
  • Premium Plan Package

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    With a plan that's customized to your needs, you can have assurance knowing that you are covered when something arises.
    Add each Buyer's Option to plan to equal total monthly fee
    Plan covers multiple services for each Buyer's Option selected
    No cost at the time of the service
    Services at a reduced rate
    Just: $19.99/month
  • Fall/Winter Package

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    The Fall/Winter Package Special is geared to the specific areas that are most affected in the winter time. Buyer's Options can be added on the plan for an additional price.
    Gutter Cleaning
    Ice Dam Removal
    Window & Door Sealants
    Semi-annual Inspections
    Just: $39.99/month
  • Spring/Summer Package

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    The Spring/Summer Package Special has services that are geared toward protecting your home during the summer. Check out our Buyers Options for window cleaning.
    Gutter Cleaning
    Home Power Washing
    Semi-annual Inspections
    Limited time special
    Just: $39.99/month
Special Promotion
We are offering 5% off all package plans for all military, disabled, and seniors.

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